How to Choose the Best Interview Scheduling Software…..for you Part 3

How to Choose the Best Interview Scheduling Software…..for you Part 3

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making a choicePart 3: Candidate Experience

So what makes an interview scheduler the right interview scheduler for you? From my experience it boils down to 3 questions you should ask yourself before you pick one:

  • How simple and easy is it for you to setup interviews and send interview invitations?
  • What is the interview scheduling experience like for your candidates?
  • How much does it cost and what is the pricing model?

Is any interview scheduling software going to meet everyone’s needs based on these questions? Probably not. But since we have already looked at the first question (interview scheduler complexity), let’s now talk about the experience of the candidate.

It’s really important to understand your candidate pools and their comfort level with technology before you start firing interview invitations at them via their mobile devices…assuming they have any!

If you are scheduling interviews for older candidates, you may find that they don't have the same comfort level responding to an emailed interview invitation as younger job seekers. What’s more, they may be less likely to be carrying their iPhone around with them at all hours of the day (and night). If this is the case will you benefit from trying to schedule interviews electronically, or will you be fielding tons of phone calls from candidates anyway? Clearly if you are scheduling interviews for students or retail positions (or positions which tend to attract younger applicants), an online interview scheduling tool is a no brainer…but if you are going to try to use one with an older or less technically inclined candidate group, you may need to give it some deeper consideration. At the very least, with the less technical candidate pool you will want to ensure that the process is as simple as possible for them to use.

On that note…even the technologically savvy student is going to be more likely to use a fast and simple interview scheduler they can manage with their smartphone in one hand. Interviewer Assistant was designed so that the candidate can make their interview date and time selection in as few clicks as possible as fast as possible. The purpose of an interview scheduling tool is to simplify this process and reduce the need for follow-up phone calls between candidate and recruiter…simplicity of use is key to achieving this. Features like automatic customizable confirmations and candidate configurable reminder notices make the candidate experience that much better…these are things that are included with Interviewer Assistant.

The final point I want to address with regards to the candidate’s experience is that of “look and feel”. What does this mean? Well to put it simply, when your candidates open up the scheduling tool to book their interview, they should feel, and it should look like, they are interacting with you and your organization…not the interview scheduling company’s website (and horror of horrors, their advertisers). Interviewer Assistant is designed to allow and encourage you to customize your invitation page, invites and confirmation notices for exactly this reason. We have minimized our use of logos and absolutely refuse to consider allowing third party advertising to get between you and your future employees.

I don't believe that we are living in a world where you can stop booking all your interviews by phone...that day is coming though but we are not there yet. Certain candidate pools and recruitment situations may dictate doing things the old way a little longer, but you can certainly start your foray into online interview scheduling now, provided you pay attention to the impact on your candidates and use the interview scheduler that treats your candidates the way you would treat them. This concept is easy and straight forward for anyone who is considering an interview scheduler...not so straight forward are the pricing models you will need to consider. Let's look at that next blog post.

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