Interviewer Assistant Saves Recruiters Time and Money

And here’s how:

If you are using the telephone to schedule interviews, you are probably spending about 2 hours to book interviews with 5 or more candidates. This would include the time waiting for call backs, follow-up calls, requests for confirmations, etc.

Based on an annual salary of $45,000 per year, booking that interview costs about $46.

Booking that interview with Interviewer Assistant's interview scheduling template should take as little as 5 or 10 minutes, resulting in a savings of about $46 per interview.

Do this calculation for your own recruiting environment and see if Interviewer Assistant makes sense to you:
Time To Book (Hours) X Recruiter Hourly Salary = $$
$$ X Total Interviews Booked Per Year = $$$$ Saved with Interviewer Assistant

Don’t forget to factor in the time saved playing phone tag with candidates!  To start saving money when scheduling your interviews, sign-up for a free trial:  Free Trial

graph showing savings from scheduling interviews online