Interview Scheduling Create Interviews Quickly and Easily

Create Interviews Quickly and Easily

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To be an effective interview scheduling tool, Interviewer Assistant was designed for recruiters (not IT professionals). As a result, the 3 step process for creating an interview is quick, logical and user friendly.

Step1: Interview Details

By using drop-down boxes and automatically saving new data entries, you will be able to quickly select your interview location, recruiter* (if using the recruiter scheduling method) and instructions to candidates for when they arrive for their interview.

Step 2: Notifications

The next step is to select which activity notifications you would like to receive from Interviewer Assistant.

Step 3: Calendar Booking

The final step allows you to point-click-drag to indicate what interview dates and times will be available for candidates to select.

*If scheduling interviews based on recruiter availability, the calendar availability is set for the recruiter in the same way as above, but before creating the interview.

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