Interview Scheduling How To Manage Your Users, or Licenses

How To Manage Your Users, or Licenses

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Step 1:

Login to the administrative account.

The administrative account is the original user who created the account with interviewer assistant. Additional users can be added later as licensed accounts who cannot make these changes.

Step 2:

Click on your company's name to expand the company submenu:

View Company Submenu by Expanding Company Menu

Click on the Users submenu item:

The location of the Users link

A new tab will open, giving the ability to change your Company Settings.

Step 3:

You can invite other users by adding their email address, selecting their role and sending the invitation. You can add as many users as necessary as well as modify their access rights at a later time.

Each user added will affect your payment plan.

To remove a user, You can click on the red **X** button by their name to remove them from your team/company. A user can be part of as many companies as they wish and you can create as many companies/teams as required.

Invite New Users By Adding Their Email Address

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