Interview Scheduling How To Register and Create Your Company

How To Register and Create Your Company

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Click on the sign-up link to start the registration process.

We offer a 30 day trial with full access to all features to that you can have enough time to try all features on the site prior to choosing a paid plan

Registration Step 1

Registration Form

Registration Step 2

  • Your company name is used to represent your company to your candidates.
  • Company URL is used to identify your company, typically the company name is used here.For example, if your company name is Lambda you could use lambda as the URL.
  • Name is what your personal full name is
  • E-Mail Address is your email address, a confirmation email will be sent to this email address to confirm the ownership of this domain
  • The password and confirm password is what you will require to login, please do not share this password and change it periodically to ensure your account security is not compromised
  • Review and accept the terms of service
  • Click the register button and check your emails to verify your email address and complete the account registration process

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