Make mass interviewing easier

Jan 3rd 2021

Make mass interviewing easier with Interview Scheduling Software


Sometimes you need to interview a small army of people in a short period of time. This could be due to seasonal recruitment requirements or maybe business expansion for example. In some cases, it may not even be employment related, like when you are a graduate school scheduling pre-admissions interviews.

Regardless of the reason for mass interviewing, one thing that is pretty consistent about it is that it’s tough from an administrative standpoint to effectively schedule large numbers of interviews in a short period of time. The ability to juggle potential interview times with candidate preferences when dealing with large volumes requires some top-notch organizational skills (hats off to those who do this) and typically requires a lot of someone’s time.

A well designed and easy to use online interview scheduler can dramatically ease the burden of short term mass recruitment by putting more of the scheduling process in the hands of your candidates and reducing the time to book. There isn’t a whole lot that is value added about having someone call each and every candidate to explain the available interview times and confirm their preferences. A streamlined and effective approach would be to put all the interview times out there for your candidates to choose from while you work on finalizing your interview questions, or arrange for the next recruitment ad, or something that is more important. This is exactly what interview scheduling software like Interviewer Assistant does for you.

Consider the following scenario:

You setup your interview in approximately 5 minutes and email it out to 100 candidates in the time it takes to populate their email addresses. Within 7 hours of having sent this out, 85 (on average) of your candidates have selected their interview time. The remaining 15 will likely select their interview time within the initial 24 hour period.

That’s it. Now print off your interview schedule and you are good to go.

Contrast that scenario with what you would currently do if faced with scheduling an interview for 100 people. This is what you can have if you use an online interview scheduler that is designed by recruiters for recruiters.

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