No Ads Online Interview Scheduling

Jan 3rd 2021

Who wants Ads in their Online Interview Scheduling?


And why would any interview scheduling software have them? I get the business concept of earning revenue from advertising (hello...TV, radio, etc), but is this a healthy way for an organization to interact with its future employees? And, not to sound uppity about this, but just how good is that interview scheduler if it needs to be earning advertising dollars off of your interview scheduling?

I can't speak for other products, but Interviewer Assistant does not have advertising (not in its free trial period nor its paid accounts). We actually loathe the idea for several reasons:

  1. Some people are suspicious of unexpected emails , the presence of a third party logo or advertising message does not help.
  2. The interview invitation process is a significant interaction between your organization and the potential employee, as such it's an ideal opportunity to have your employment branding and message be center stage, not some else's.
  3. Call me old school, but the recruitment process should have a certain level of professionalism and decorum to it (yes I still wear a suit when interviewing). Third party advertising definitely does not contribute to professionalism. As a candidate who has received these types of interview scheduling invites, it felt a little crass to know someone was advertising within my interview invitation.

In fact, you will notice that throughout the Interviewer Assistant interview scheduling process, (customizable invites and confirmations), even our branding is minimized. Given that you only have a few key opportunities to connect with your candidates and that the interview scheduling process is one of them, you really ought to be a possessive about keeping that all to yourself. Interviewer Assistant won't get between you and your candidates with third party advertising.

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