Interview Scheduling Software #3

Jan 26th 2021

Interview Scheduling Software - Pricing


Interview scheduling tools are everywhere now, but what should you look for when choosing one? The answer will be different for everyone.  But to make it easier, consider the following three questions:


Interview Scheduling Price

Previous posts looked at the first two questions, so now let’s look at pricing. The first thing to do is to ask how much your current interview scheduling costs? Here is one way to determine this:

  • Average Hourly Salary of person who does the scheduling = AHS
  • Time (hours) it takes to schedule one interview = T

If your human interview scheduler earned $15.00 per hour and it takes 1 full hour of phone calls, return calls, request for confirmations, etc. to book one set of interviews we would have:

AHS ($15) X T (1) = $15 per interview

Imagine what the cost per interview might be if you are scheduling 100’s of candidates at a time.

Now let’s do the same calculation with the time it takes to schedule interviews with an interview scheduling tool. If Interviewer Assistant can reduce the time from 1 hour to 10 minutes we would have:

AHS ($15) X T (1/6) = $2.50

Without Interviewer Assistant = $15

With Interview Assistant = $2.50

Monthly Interviewer Assistant Price = $12.50

In this example, Interviewer Assistant would pay for its monthly subscription after just one use.  The more interviews scheduled the greater the cost savings will be.  There isn’t a lot of science to this and you may have a better way to determine the cost savings (and if so, please feel free to share this in the comments section below).


Interview Scheduling Pricing Models

Another pricing related question is what kind of pricing model makes sense for you? Do you want to pay by the number of interviews scheduled or maybe the number of candidates you schedule? Both of those options are overly complicated, which is why Interviewer Assistant doesn’t offer them.

Interviewer Assistant subscriptions include unlimited candidates and interviews with all. As a result, you know how much your interview scheduling is going to cost no matter how much interview scheduling you do.

Another question is do you need a year-round interview scheduling tool? Why pay for interview scheduling software for a year if you are only scheduling student internship interviews once a year? Yearly vs monthly subscriptions should be an option.

Do you even need an interview scheduling tool?  Maybe you will find that the cost to schedule your interviews currently doesn’t make purchasing interview scheduling software worth it.  Or maybe you can get all your scheduling done during Interviewer Assistant’s 30-day free trial (if so, we are still happy you used us).

I hope this post on interview schedule pricing, along with the previous posts on simplicity and candidate experience will help as you begin researching interview scheduling software.  One last thought on interview scheduling tool pricing - consider your total recruitment costs to ensure you have the big picture.  After all, interview scheduling is just one small part of the recruitment process.

Maybe you are done researching and would like to try Interviewer Assistant’s 1-month free trial, if so, please click here to get started:  1-Month Free Trial



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